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Leonardo de Vinci (1452-1519)

Welcome to my website. My name is Dr. Jeremy Lowe, and I can offer my services as a trained proofreader and editor specialising in academic dissertations, theses, books, journal articles and conference papers. I also work on general non-fiction, projects and presentations. I have edited manuscripts ranging from PhDs on medieval literature to dissertations on genetics; from examinations of 'race politics' to explorations of 19th century geopolitics. An attentive eye and an understanding of the overall aims of you, the author, are essential if your work is to be produced to the highest standard; of equal importance is the relationship between editor and author. And it is this relationship that I take very seriously. Your goals, your wishes, your work are my paramount concern. If you are preparing a manuscript and need to be certain that it attains the highest levels of expression and presentation, then I can help. Please check my recent commissions on the Qualifications and Experience page for a representative list of my work.

Perhaps you are preparing:

A dissertation, thesis or conference paper

A book-length manuscript

A journal article or collection of essays

Whatever your circumstances, as a writer you bring the talent, the vision and the ideas, but you need a trained professional to look at your work with an objective, fresh eye, and raise it to the highest possible standard. I work with the utmost professionalism, and offer the very precise and insightful examination that your work needs.

Your writing is important, and deserves not to be undermined by avoidable errors and problems.

Editorial Services

I can offer a professionally trained editing service expressly tailored to your individual requirements. There are two basic categories of editing; which of them best suits your writing depends upon your requirements as a writer and the level of work involved.

Proofreading - This is basically a comprehensive sweep for errors, including formatting problems, spelling, grammar and inconsistencies.

Copy Editing - Copy editing involves making suggestions and comments, asking questions to ensure clarity and consistency (e.g. definitions, structure and organisation, argument), and making editorial changes that will improve the overall quality of your work. A final proofread completes the process.

Of course, your own requirements are personal, and it is difficult for me to assess the level of work involved without seeing your writing. The solution is simple: contact me, let me know what kind of editing work you want, and then we can agree on a suitable fee. Because I work independently, I am able to be flexible and work precisely to your requirements, and so I am in a position to offer a professional service at an affordable price. Please see my Rates page for a rough guide to how much the work will cost.

I offer a discount for students, and fixed fees (rather than price per thousand words) for large-scale projects. Please contact me to arrange a mutually acceptable quote.

My Editorial Approach

My first consideration is that this is your work, and it must be your voice that emerges. Editing has a practical purpose: it helps the writing to achieve what the writer wants it to achieve. I am not here to impose my own style, although I will ensure that your document conforms to the accepted standards of correct English. I am here to facilitate your work, and nothing more.

Whatever your goals, I want you to be successful, confident that your writing is the best that it can possibly be.

About Me

I am a freelance editor and proofreader living in Derbyshire, England. I have a BA in English Literature from the University of Birmingham, an MPhil in Medieval Studies from University College Dublin and a PhD in English Literature from the University of Washington. I was a Visiting Fellow at Pembroke College, Cambridge, before working as a tutor and lecturer at two prestigious universities in the UK (Sheffield and Birmingham). I left academic life in 2002, and have not regretted my decision for one moment. I decided to put my years as an unofficial editor, academic advisor and literary critic to good use, and became a freelance editor. Please see my Qualifications page for a more detailed summary of my work.

I am married, with one son, and have a small black dog called Merlin.

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For further enquiries, or to arrange a quotation with no obligation, please contact me at

Jeremy Lowe, 45 St Thomas Street, Brampton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 3AH