Contacting Me

Please contact me first via e-mail, which I check daily. I can usually guarantee a response to your enquiry within 24 hours. Phoning is largely ineffective because discussion becomes lengthy and often unfocused. Email contact provides exact confirmation of our agreement and is better for long-term communication.

I do get very busy, and I am often booked up some weeks in advance. Try to contact me at least two weeks before the ideal work start date, allowing enough time in advance of your deadline. As a rough guide, a PhD takes approximately 3-4 weeks and a master’s 2-3 weeks to edit thoroughly.

The Process

Once I have received the manuscript, I work through it using the ‘Track Changes’ function in Word. I send the marked-up work back to you so that you can look at my suggestions, then accept or reject my corrections and respond to my comments.

After the final edit is agreed I will proofread the document and address any final concerns. This second proofread is included in the fee. There are a few essential points to note:

My One and Only Sales Pitch

I am dedicated, professional and thorough and work to, and honour, deadlines. I am personable, approachable, and flexible, and I have a sense of humour that helps easy communication. I am up to date and familiar with academic editorial conventions. My service is personal: I am not like the big editing factories on the Web; I wouldn’t want to hand my manuscript to someone I can’t see, who gives no feedback and is unavailable for consultation, or who offers to take my work and re-write it for me. I want you to feel happy with the changes I suggest and the corrections I make, confident that you remain in control throughout the entire process. I would be delighted to tailor a quote and a system of working to suit you. E-mail me and we can discuss your requirements, with no obligation.

From MA theses to full-length manuscripts, I would be delighted to receive your work. I look forward to hearing from you!