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  My name is Dr. Jeremy Lowe, an experienced academic proofreader and editor with many years’ experience working on dissertations and theses, and in preparing monographs, conference papers and journal articles. My role is to prepare academic materials for publication or presentation at the highest level. I also often edit general non-fiction, helping people bring to life their family histories, diaries, memoirs and journals. I have edited manuscripts ranging from PhDs on medieval literature to dissertations on genetics, from monographs on gender studies to books on 19th-century geopolitics. An attentive eye to detail and an understanding of the overall aims of you, the author, are essential if your work is to be produced to the highest standard. Of equal importance is the relationship between editor and author, and it is this relationship that I take very seriously. Your goals, your wishes and your writing are my paramount concern. If you need to be certain that your publication attains the highest levels of expression and presentation, then I can help.

Editorial Services

There are three categories of editing; which of them best suits your writing depends upon your requirements and the level of work involved.
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Proofread - A sweep for basic mistakes, including formatting problems, spelling, occasional grammar and inconsistencies

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Light edit – A read-through of the document that catches all the errors, but also offers suggestions on phrasing/word choice and provides some editorial suggestions

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Heavy edit/Copy edit – As with a light edit, but with additional work on structure, as well as commentary on argument and flow of the paper. Expressions and word choices are also covered by a copy edit

How I Can Help You

My work primarily helps people for whom English is a second language, but also benefits anyone preparing written material for presentation or publication. I don’t just consider myself an editor but an academic editor – I regularly edit dissertations and monographs for submission to major universities and academic publishing houses. It is not enough to be able to correct grammar: to be of use to you a good editor needs to know academic conventions and discourse and have a subtle approach to language. Editing is not just attention to detail but also a new way of seeing, one that brings clarity, freshness and energy.

Our relationship is also key, as it involves balancing a level of editing with the input you are looking for. It is a constant process of communication: friendly, open and professional. I remain in touch throughout, able to adapt to your wishes and provide precise responses to your ideas. I offer a service that focuses on your work with expert attention to detail, clarity and responsiveness.

I now have over twelve years’ successful experience of providing academic-level editing. Please check my recent commissions for a representative overview of my work.

My Editorial Approach

Whatever your circumstances, as a writer you bring the talent, the vision and the ideas, but you need a trained professional to look at your work with an objective, fresh eye, and raise it to the highest possible standard. Your writing deserves the utmost care and attention, and the knowledge that both you and your work are treated with the greatest respect.
Please note:
  • I do not offer services to undergraduates
  • I am not an essay-writing service
  • I do not do original research or fact check
  • I aim to work in accordance with university directives on plagiarism, so please ensure that all editing is authorised by your supervisor(s) and/or your relevant department.
I also do not work with fiction, as my background and experience are strictly academic.  

About Me

I was born in Chesterfield, England, and my academic travels took me first to the University of Birmingham, then University College Dublin, and then to the University of Washington in Seattle. I came back to the UK for a short stint at Pembroke College in Cambridge and then, finally… back to Chesterfield. I then lectured at the universities of Sheffield and Birmingham. Following this, I left academic life to become a freelance editor. Please see my Experience and Commissions page for a more detailed summary of my work.  

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